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The ambitions of Chinese women remain curtailed by family—they, more than men, are expected to care for aging parents—and entrenched cultural bias.A leading Chinese business school describes the paradox this way: “In a country where men-only jobs proliferate, and hiring managers often probe female applicants about their dating life and maternal plans, it’s easy to forget that China is home to some of the highest net-worth female individuals in the world, the majority of whom achieved such status through their business success.” Osnos prefers to go beyond the numbers to tell us the human story—like that of Gong Hainan, born small and sickly in a rural village, her leg and face later crushed in a tractor accident.Deprived of sons, parents and grandparents heaped their high expectations on daughters and grand-daughters.Hence, Osnos notes, the most popular Chinese parenting guide was called .Osnos compares modern China—a billion-plus people suddenly baptized in the waters of aspiration and ambition—to the Gilded Age, when the number of U. millionaires exploded from 20 to 40,000 in just a generation.

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