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I have more than 10 years of experience capturing beautiful weddings in Cancun, which allows me to offer the best quality and services.My commitment to you is to deliver a breath-taking story of your commitment and celebration so that, years from now, you can look back and relive each moment and every feeling of your wedding day."There have been advancements, and our stadiums need to reflect that. Gamesmanship should cease at the line of health and safety for the players."On Tuesday, Harbaugh said that the Big Ten athletic directors plan to address locker room issues at a previously scheduled meeting in October.Michigan gave its players an option to sit on the team bus prior to kickoff at Purdue on an unseasonably warm Saturday because the bus, unlike their locker room, had air conditioning."It was such a tight, cramped environment," Harbaugh said.Our clients demand transparency in numbers and defined expectations.They want to be informed without asking and they want all issues resolved professionally and in a timely manner.While current conference policy does not set minimum specifications for team locker rooms, most, if not all, of our sports and game management procedures come from recommendations based on the experience of our schools and are supported by a vote of the majority of our members."Purdue also released a statement Monday after Harbaugh's comments."Purdue regards the welfare of all student-athletes as its No. We would fully support a conversation regarding a conference-wide set of guidelines for visiting football team accommodations because we have experienced less-than-ideal conditions on the road.There is no place for gamesmanship when it comes to player care and safety."The after-the-fact concerns expressed by Michigan are somewhat surprising because a member of its football staff conducted a walk-thru of our facilities with our athletics department staff at Ross-Ade Stadium on July 18."Furthermore, to help teams prepare in advance, our visiting team manual highlights in bold type 'there is no air conditioning in the (visiting) locker room,' with accompanying Purdue Athletics staff contact information about how to request preferred temporary accommodations. I think that's a pattern in the Big Ten."After three seasons of visiting other Big Ten stadiums, Harbaugh said he felt that some teams made conscious efforts to provide lousy accommodations to give the home team an advantage on the field.

Our sports medicine staff members, in fact, have received numerous compliments from their Michigan counterparts regarding the care they received at Purdue."Speight was taken to a nearby health center after the injury for X-rays because the coach said Ross-Ade Stadium's medical facilities weren't sufficient to address the issue on site."I wish I would've taken a picture of the actual table that is given to the visitors to put players on when they're injured," Harbaugh said. He called Purdue's locker room unsanitary and "unsportsmanlike.""It's 2017," Harbaugh said.After Speight took a hit from Boilermakers sophomore linebacker Markus Bailey, junior defensive tackle Eddie Wilson hit Speight in the head and neck area as he fell to the ground.Harbaugh said he was surprised that the play wasn't flagged as a targeting personal foul.And he agreed the Big Ten needs some locker room reform."And I've shared that with our athletic director, and the commissioner should handle that," Meyer said.

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    Willing to do a favor. an accommodating waiter who readily honored our request to make substitutions in our order…