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This is because it removes all legal rights, privileges, and duties between the parent and the child. The father said that if I don't have an abortion, he will sign over all his parental rights. Brette's Answer: No one can make you have an abortion, and if you decide to have the baby, a father cannot wash his hands of it and walk away.You are entitled to an order of paternity naming him as the father and then to child support.This may be due to the absence of the other parent, non-involvement with the child, or a history of abuse by the other parent.Terminating the rights of the other parent is a drastic step to take and one that the legal system doesn't take lightly. Danielle's Question: I recently found out that I am expecting a baby.In cases of divorce, it also includes such aspects as custody, support, and visitation issues.In some situations, a parent may feel that it is best for their child if the parental rights of the other parent are terminated.Rebecca's Question: I am seven months pregnant and have no contact with the father of the child.He is aware of the babies due date and that he is the father.

If he fathered the child, he is required to help support it (find out more about paternity and child support).A broad definition of parental rights is all of the legal rights and obligations that that go along with being a parent.This includes the responsibility to make important decisions about your child's life, as well as the duty to care for and protect the child.The flip side of this is that he is then entitled to visitation, or even to ask for custody at some point.

Can he file for custody and visitation while I'm pregnant?


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