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Critchley advises: “There are lots of apps out there, of varying quality, so look out for those from a trusted information source with evidence of effectiveness.In our age of social media, we encourage people to monitor how they are feeling while online and, if they are feeling vulnerable, take a break.” So, whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve dabbled before, here are 10 mindfulness apps worth a try.It’s an NHS-approved approach to helping deal with anxiety, and it’s also proven to help you sleep better and sharpen your focus.Mindfulness is all about clearing your thoughts and becoming acutely aware of yourself and your surroundings – and if it’s your first foray into the practice, a phone-based app could be an accessible way in.

Some are completely free, while others require a subscription.It’s also worth remembering the difference between “meditation” and “mindfulness”.Though they’re often used interchangeably, meditation is an umbrella term, while mindfulness is the specific practice of peaking your awareness of your surroundings, actions and physicality.It focuses on short bursts of meditation (no more than 15 minutes on average) that are easily shoehorned into a busy lifestyle.

Sessions change daily (you can save those you particularly like) and they are delivered by any one of the 30 mindfulness teachers and therapists Aura works with.

There’s also a library of calming music and a selection of “sleep stories” (bedtime tales for grown-ups), including some lulling performances by Stephen Fry.