Age gaps and dating 55 adultchat

David*, who’s now in his early 30s, has conflicting feelings about a relationship he initiated with a 19-year-old college student when he was a junior in high school. “He was only four years older at the time, but it made a difference,” he tells me.“He had a huge impact on how I perceived myself and my sexuality and what life could be like outside of where I was, which was a very repressed high school existence.”“Especially if you’re not in a heavily populated metropolitan area, I guess in some ways it’s more understandable if you end up hooking up with someone 20 or 30 years your senior,” he adds.On sites like Family Dick and Mormon Boyz, the mythological father figure is often portrayed as a predator interested in rough sex with hairless twinks.Dan Savage, the iconic gay sex columnist, has taken a practical view: Dating younger men is fine, he’s written, as long as the older partner leaves the younger partner in better shape than he found him.

“We’re all men, and it’s perceived that we have this higher sex drive.Even if your relationship is deemed wholly kosher in the eyes of the law, it can be hard to avoid the stereotype that dating someone older automatically means you have “daddy issues” — a view supported by some gay psychologists.“Simply put, I think we’re angry at [our fathers] for running away from our expressions of love and physical contact,” writes the psychologist Stephen Lugar in .Some studies suggest that gay and straight men have similar age preferences when it comes to partners.