Are selena and taylor dating again

Related: Selena & Mom Mandy 'Don't Talk' About Justin!Yup, it appears that Abel's latest musical effort is inspired quite a bit by his failed romance with Selena Gomez. The most notable Selena-inspired track would have to be about her daughter's relationship with Justin Bieber. As we reported earlier this month, the two are on a break after "having a lot of little disagreements…The buzz began thanks to The Weeknd's new song ." Related: Justin Bieber Is "Not Finished" With Selena Some speculated that these poetic lines were a reference to Selly's kidney transplant, which went down a few months before the couple broke up.A source tells What's more dramatic than a love triangle?and one fight." Recently, JB has been spotted hanging out with model Baskin Champion.Before you think Mandy has all the tea, think again. As we reported, Justin Bieber has been spotted with model Baskin Champion a couple of times this week — just days after his latest split from Selena Gomez!

" CLICK HERE to view "Celeb Pals Who've Hooked Up With The Same Person!As we reported, lyrics off the R&B star's new album sparked speculation that he considered donating a kidney to his then-girlfriend at the height of her lupus battle.But a source has come forward to say that's not the case!" [ singer released his latest album, titled My Dear Melancholy.

While fans were thrilled to just have new music by the the hitmaker (whose government name is Abel Tesfaye), it didn't take long for them to notice there was MAJOR tea in this new album.

A love triangle where two of the angles are (or were) friends!