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Please do leave a comment here on what you think of it!Due to budgeting costs and the like, I ended up using sprites from Tokudaya (because I wanted the artwork to have a similar style), and there are no CG's, but I do hope that you give this game a try because it would really, really mean a lot to me. Really excited to play a game that looks so well-crafted!I honestly think that it's a good way to wrap up my visual novel career - starting with Starlight Dreamers in 2014 and ending with Starlight Dreamers in 2017, and on New Year's Day too (well, I finished it on New Years), no less!Enough ranting, let's get on with the juicy parts!!Not only that, it spans an entire year (well, 9 months to be exact, but that's close enough) and you have 4 different stats to raise, more than 10 different characters (but only 2 have proper endings - although there are different variants, with one secret character), 9 different jobs to choose from, character birthdays - including your own, a track team to join - with competitions on every first Saturday of the month(!), a student council to join, examinations to pass, classes to skip and you can go on dates with your favorite characters!As an apology, I have also included a new Guide that should be able to help you achieve 100% for Nori, Masao, Masao & Ren [and Unknown's ending] in one playthrough.

Questions may be directed to the Medical Student Council Chair at [email protected], or EMRA staff at [email protected] 972.550.0920 x 3275.Agendas will be posted in the window of the ASMC Office on Thursday afternoons.In accordance with the Brown Act, action items will not be added to the Agendas after this deadline. He wanted to say something but felt that words were insufficient to describe how moved he was.

Instead, he chose to walk over to Mayuzumi and hug her.

The only catch was that the only senior high school that fulfilled all her requirements as a runaway child was Himeji Gakuen, an all-boys boarding school.