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Since then stray dogs and cats can be found on every street, often scrounging through garbage cans for food.Some Bosnians set out food for stray animals, such as scraps from their meals or specifically bought cans of tuna for the kittens living underneath garbage barrels outside their back door.The woman of the house is the one who cooks and cleans, even if she holds a steady job, while the man works on outdoor chores or simply lays on the couch watching sports when he isn’t working.For newer generations, the roles are changing for the most part; however, families that were getting started during the Bosnian War remain more traditional and handfuls of new generation families still cling to old traditions. There are plenty of sports open to males, such as the nation’s most popular sport soccer, and even swimming and skating too.The major public transportation company (GRAS) checks for tickets, but more often than not people just jump on and off without a ticket.Many people do not own cars in Bosnia, so public transportation is the key way to get around the city for most.

Bodies are pressed against the windows of transport vehicles and windows are opened to give people air, as the driver allows passengers to squeeze on and off.It’s a wonderful part of Bosnian life that makes you truly come to appreciate the country and culture, as well as just sit down and enjoy the company around you.Public transportation wouldn’t seem like an obvious cultural difference to the naked eye.In some ways, Bosnia is quite similar in that sense.