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At 24 all of his movies go straight to the top of the box office and he has an Oscar under his belt. "I just hope at my wedding someone says something that nice about me." "I think you can count on that." Lucas intends on keeping at least one of the promises he made to Brooke. Years from now, maybe she'll remember the pain, but this little girl's eyes seem to have erased every bad memory leading up to this moment. When the black sheep of the family returns home from boarding school everything begins to change. It’s been almost five years since they’ve all graduated and a lot has changed. Brooke and Lucas are finally becoming friends and they stay friends…but for how long? BL Four years ago the gang of THHS promised to come back home. Movie offers, clothing stores, and teaching are to name a few. Or will high school drama once again rear its ugly head? Maybe Tree Hill isn't that bad...“You had moved on! BLSo maybe they just aren’t meant to be together right this moment, but they still have a lifetime left to find their way back to each other in the end. BL mentions LP BCAmerica's sweetheart Brooke Davis is fighting hard to save her marriage to basketball star Nathan. Now a charity New Years Eve party offers Brooke the perfect chance to tell Lucas how she feels. Lucas Scott has found himself in an increasingly dull relationship with Peyton Sawyer.Can an unknown change his bad-boy ways, eventually? BL family fic, erasing seasons 4-6 and making my own story up. AU/Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott Were Complete Opposites. Brooke Scott might just change the world someday starting with Tree Hill. Now it’s time for Brooke to return to Tree Hill to face her demons, starting with the biggest one of all: Lucas Scott. She can clearly remember thinking that he was the man she wanted to marry one day the first time she looked into his eyes. She thought that her maid of honor could wear periwinkle and the flowers would match. Although Lucas chooses Peyton to go to Vegas, he can't believe how blind he had been to the fact that his feelings for Brooke had never really gone away and he's struggled everyday since, to be the type of man Brooke Davis had believed him Brooke and Peyton are best friends. She didn't pull away though, just stood there, pressing her lips against his. In a town full of secrets, Brooke is completely alone. When Brooke gets involved with a new guy will feelings resurface or will Lucas stay with Peyton? 3 parter AU Brooke and Nathan are together and to the outside world they seem like the perfect couple, but they aren't and Nathan's brother Lucas will help show them that. My take on what I want to happen in the finale of Season 4. Read to find out : They've already had too many children, but this doesn't stop Brucas from having more. Realising that he is still in love with her, another epic rain storm in Tree Hill gives Lucas an oppertunity to tell Brooke how he feels. But when his married brother and team mate Lucas finds himself falling in love with her, the two embark upon a risky affair with hidden consequences. Because it contained his past mistakes and made him question his relationship with her. He finds himself enticed by her funloving friend, Brooke Davis.As two very different worlds collide, Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott spiral into a torrid love affair that knows no bounds. Every secret, every mistake, your past w/girls, which would explain why Lucas's best friend wants him to stay clear of his sister but sometimes you can't help wanting something you're forbidden to touch. No one really understood what was going on with them not even themselves. However one line always rang true for them 'They are completely in love and to young and stupid to know what to do with it.Lies, secrets, betrayal, insecurity, tragedy, triumph; they all play a part in the rise and the fall of one of the greatest love stories to ever be told. Brooke Penelope Davis will do anything, or anyone, for diamonds. After moving to Beaufort, Brooke Davis’ luck changes as she meets a familiar face from Tree Hill, who has transferred to her new school. Brooke and Lucas are 23 and engaged and oh the surprises they have coming their way... Nathan and Haley's split causes friction as Brooke and Lucas are almost forced to take sides, and Brooke grows closer to Nathan. COMP“It’s just, I lost my favorite strawberry chapstick. Brooke and Lucas and trying things solo,but how long will that last?So begins a journey where they learn that the past is never forgotten and feelings don't fade. I’ve checked all my bags, and I can’t find it anywhere! Nathan, Peyton and Haley are dealing with college life too. you'll love it BL Trapped in a miserable marriage, and finding himself becoming increasinly enamoured with a beautiful dancer, Lucas Scott starts to spend more and more time at the club where she works.And when a fire leaves him hurt badly, it is Brooke who must save him from himself.

They stand there, very still and very quiet, and it feels like those rare moments back when they were dating, when the world would mercifully pause for an hour or two, and they were left alone. Lucas had spent the following two weeks doing everything he possibly could to forget about her, to put the girl behind the red door fully behind him."I'm not stupid to that fact."Well," she inhaled a sharp breath and released it into a dry broken laugh."After the conversation we've had tonight, the only thing I can say is clearly lucky you," her hand tossed up before walking out. Better summary inside, I'm sure everyone will love it. A long journey begins and Brooke's old saying is put to the test. She gave up the only two boys she's ever truly loved.He left home to fix his family and forget his past-to no avail. And they are going to have to figure out where they went so wrong. BLfamily;s8;mostlycanon They were like fire and gasoline, a lethal combination that was bound to combust.She was rich and popluar and he was the arrogant bad boy at school. Brooke Davis has considered herself many things throughout the course of her life thus far. She can't bring herself to remember a time when it was just the two of them together, trying to be friends. Not even miles apart, after Brooke moved, could change that. When Brooke moved away they vowed to keep their friendship strong. Past the dress suits and the composure, and the attempted detachment from the emotional entanglements of any love life. It’s been a year and they are officially the most dysfunctional couple in the world, because she still won’t tell him she loves him, except for once, and it just kind of slipped out when they were talking on the phone. People who are meant to be together always find their way in the end. Lucas slowly comes to understand why Brooke has been so many of his firsts even though it was always meant to be Peyton. , and expecting to find his new home town boring, new guy Lucas Scott is surprised to answer the door to beautiful, half naked, Brooke Davis. When she pulled away, she lifted his hands off her hips. Now that her life is in a downward spiral and her family is falling apart, she turns to her loathed enemy, her boyfriend's brother, Lucas. BLIt wasn't like they had gone to his house planning to do anything, they were simply just going to hang out and watch Weird Science. She pumped her legs, her arms flailing, and he followed her, determined to catch her. Will Nathan and Brooke come out of this okay or will Lucas swoop in and pick up the pieces? Brooke is forced to leave her native California to live with the Scotts in Tree Hill, NC. Family life doesn't go quite to plan, and household disasters ensue. BLHe trailed his finger down the soft material along the back of her white dress, letting his hand come to rest against the small of her back. But will Brooke’s loyalty to her best friend stop any plans for the two? Brooke left for California, leaving a brokenhearted Lucas in her wake.

They're forced to work together, but when Lucas gets into trouble, will she be able to fix him Or wil he fall? Six years after graduation, both Brooke and Lucas are very successful in their businesses, now their personal lives are a whole other issue. At one point, she’d have even called herself the fun whore. Now, after 10 years, Brooke is back for the summer to stay with a friend. Now in their senior year in high school Brooke returns changing both their lives for ever. When Lucas meets Brooke, the subject of his wife's latest painting, though refusing to act on their feelings, sparks fly between the pair. With every thrust she’s met with a buildup of five years without him. When he looks at Brooke Davis, he sees a broken version of the 17-year old girl he used to know. The question isn’t really did he ever love her, but whether he ever really knew her. After inviting him to a party, she soon proves that life in Tree Hill is anything but boring. That it's just one dance, and then it will be over. Brooke Davis, a new student at Tree Hill High, learns not every story is the same. But, she ended up becoming the whore that Peyton said she was. Vodka before their God son's christening, her skills as a temptress, and his inability to say no to her had gotten them in that hospital room. Lucas Scott is the arrogant,cocky,popular kid that know one dares to cross but that all changes when Brooke Davis comes to town to ruin his reputation. Stuck in a house with Lucas and Nathan, things could get pretty messy. She let out a suppressed sigh, and calmly whispered, “Lucas, don’t.” BL Oneshot future Lucas is confused as he watches her, the cluelessness of his own girlfriend amazing him. Once tragedy brings them back together, will they see what's right in front of them, or will their stubborn pride ruin the best thing they've ever had. Brooke Davis was Tree Hill's hardest player, the one every guy wanted, the one every girl wanted to be.

The daughter he's never known existed is suddenly thrust into his life, and Lucas Scott's life is thrown into chaos when the love of his life comes back into the picture. What happens when Brooke's mother dies in a car accident, leaving her to live with her father, his girlfriend, & his girlfriends son? Peyton and Julian both watch them from afar, knowing the outcome of the conversation. And, as she once said People who are meant to be together always find their way in the end. BLHow Lucas will realize that he is the guy for Brooke Davis, through his failed attempt to reconcile things with Peyton and after finding four more letters Brooke wrote after letting him go. Brucas, Naley, Leyton, Browen & 3x22 They both hold onto a relationship that deteriorates by the day. He speaks it in a strange tone – his words filled with sadness and regret, exhaustion and admittance, denial and repression of something unspoken. Now it is Tree Hill Prep boarding school in NC for the party girl. All the kids take their senior trip skiing, and I'm guessing you can imagine the trouble they can find to get into! BLThis story is set after the gang has graduated college. BRUCAS, some Jeyton and Naley It’s a whirl of emotion as he groans against her open mouth and the haste and speed at which they’re kissing almost scares Brooke. In two years, she'd grown more than anyone I had ever known. A chance encounter with a little girl throws him back into the life of the brunette he'd never forgotten, where relationships, truths and forgiveness are forced. Brooke finds herself falling more and more into Chase, while Lucas wonders if letting her go was the right thing in the first place, making his own relationship suffer, as well as her's. Brucas1sho When LA Lakers superstar, Lucas Scott and mystery brunette, Brooke Davis embark on a risky affair there’s bound to be hidden consequences. Two people are about to experience love in its purest form. It's only after talking to the bar tender that he starts to unearth College fic! Nathan, Peyton and Haley are dealing with college life too. ” Now, he thought this was a particularly odd reason to be crying. The news of a baby drives the couple apart and years later they must come to terms with the present, the past and the f COMPLETE. Brooke Davis has everything she ever wanted, money, popularity, great friends and an amazing boyfriend.

Brooke davis theory on dating comments

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