Carbon 14 dating greek artifacts

Excavating the 1,400-year-old Ein Gedi synagogue, archaeologist Dr.

The documents discovered by Porath revolutionized scholars' views about the doomed revolt of 132-135 CE.Utilizing its microcomputed tomography machine (micro-CT), Merkel created a high resolution 3D image.This in turn was sent to the University of Kentucky where a computer science team headed by Prof.The black paint used in the drawings was determined to be composed largely of charcoal, which can be radiocarbon dated.

By the turn of the 21st century, this method had been applied to several images on the Altamira ceiling.

Brent Seales was able to complete the virtual unrolling of the scroll last week using proprietary digital imaging software which allowed for the visualization of the unseen text. This is "just like what they do in the doctor's office but at a very high resolution, probably a hundred times more accurate than the medical procedures that we do," Seales explained.