Chat and fucc rite now

grow hopey: *wipes tears* seokjinnie: ‘man b.b.’ joonie Changed Chat Name- ‘hobo’s man b.b.™’ hopey: the amount of bare disrespect in that name is giving me a hard on hopey: like yes lampoon me daddy (read: baby coz yk,,,,, joonie ain’t a finna dom me for a long while) seokjinnie: LAMPOON ME DADDY taehyungie: LMAO WILD emocube: what have u done -= =—= =—= =—= =—= =—= =- To: hobo’s man b.b.™ 6/1/16 taehyungie: whaddup taehyungie: am jared taehyungie: am 19 yoongles: an I never fuckin learned how to read taehyungie: omg taehyungie: WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY seokjinnie: lmao yoongles has a sense of humour after all hopey: am shooketh to the b o n e joonie: lads y’all should know joonie: yoon is the king of vine references joonie: like dun even try fite him on dis joonie: you’ll end up like ms keisha emocube: I am willing to take that risk emocube: I muzt,,, emocube: assert my dominance emocube: as le ultimate vine compilation master yoongles: iono if thas a good idea b emocube: MANS AINT FINNA LOOSE TO A TWINK jimini: lmao a twink pulled the twink card jimini: seems like an oxymoron yoongles: …yoongles: b ITc H d O I Lo Ok taehyungie: ahhh twinks jimini: taetae after yoongi ur probably the Biggest Twink™ here taehyungie: I see we have a double yaoi hand combo up in dis bitch hopey: o shit tae has yaoi hands too? hopey: fuck y e s seokjinnie: man double whammy emocube: ‘double whammy’ emocube: what are you,,,,,, 90? yoongles: I ain’t against that seokjinnie: *clutches chest* hopey: Owo eggyboi: EXCUSEZ MOI BUT I WAS TALKING eggyboi: YALL PULLIN THIS SHIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF MAH SALAD taehyungie: carry on b jimini: attention whore eggyboi: im- eggyboi: I mean tru joonie: honestly mood eggyboi: ANYWAY yoongles: jesus christ was w the caps eggyboi: SO THESE ASSHOLES BROKE INTO MANS DORM EVEN THO IS MY BRO ANI GAVE HIM TE KEU BUT WHTVR eggyboi: I swear to our lord and daddy above if they touch my EXID an Black Pink standees i’ll fight them to te death yoongles: iahdhfhgrhehwhs y e s seokjinnie : S L A U G H T E R T H E M taehyungie: mans will help jimini: I will join u tbh hopey: gukkie babes yo ass finna go to prison ist joonie: gukkie,,,,,,,, how,,,,,,, endearing eggyboi: honestly,,,,,, if going to prison ment hani would step all over my face then gladly taehyungie Changed eggyboi’s Name To- ‘gukkie‘ yoongles: tae I suddenly love u yoongles: sorry my dearest loves but my heart has been snatched along w my weave seokjinnie: *horrified gay gasp* joonie: *confused panromantic laughter* hopey: yoongles how dare yoongles: It cannae be helped jimini: yoon,,,,, is that really u tho?grieving for u seokjinnie: lil jimin LMAO taehyungie: #Lil Jimin Protecction Skwad taehyungie: join if u acc care joonie: in this household we support diccs of all shapes and sizes seokjinnie: #All Diccs Matter yoongles: yall gay tf jimini: precisely young padawan pumpkin: yeah, we gay, keep scrolling joonie: KSKSKSKKSKSKSKSKSK seokjinnie: accurate tbh -= =—= =—= =—= =—= =- 11/1/16To: furry cult jimini: soooooooo jimini: r we ever gonna know the story of pumpkin pumpkin: no joonie: yes gukkie: yes seokjinnie: bruh I hope so taehyungie: fuck yeah man pumpkin: n o yoongles: hobi yoongles: imma take a wild guess yoongles: but seokjinnie: would laugh if he’s right taehyungie: innit lmaoo yoongles: did you stick your dick in a pumpkin?taehyungie: USUDGDYHDHDUSUWHWHDGDHSHSJSH gukkie: jfc jimini: yoongo wtf is up w your head taehyungie: WAIT jimini: DOES THIS MEAN HE WAS RITE?Kim Namjoon: yeah man go ahead Kim Seokjin: noice Kim Seokjin Added- Kim Tae Tae Kim Seokjin Added- Park Chim Kim Seokjin: gays this is Taehyung and Jimin Kim Seokjin: Jimin and Taehyung this is the gays Kim Tae Tae: Jimin, ive a feelin we ain’t in kansas anymore Park Chim: well you don’t say innit Kim Namjoon: noice Oz reference Kim Namjoon: i like u already Kim Tae Tae: naw thank b Park Chim: naw thank babes Min Yoongi: ffs there’s more of you Jung Hoseok: Oooooo lest introduce ourselves Jung Hoseok: am hoseok Jung Hoseok: the moody brat is yoongi ignore him he’s a dicc Kim Namjoon: am the creator of this chat namjoon Kim Namjoon: and yk seokjin right?Kim Tae Tae: yeah man seokjin is our daddy Park Chim: ^ Park Chim: i’m jimin Park Chim: is taehyung Min Yoongi: are we done now?

taehyungie: YOONGI MY BB ILY2 taehyungie: YALL HOES CAN SUCC MY FURRY DICC seokjinnie: succ my furry dicc,,,, ffs tae yoongles: tae,,,,,, I ain’t fucc w furries yoongles: also I ain’t drunk am just in a good mood piss off taehyungie: u may not fucc w furries but u fucc w hobo joonie an seokjinnie whom are all animals? joonie: ffs I hate y’all yoongles: joon,,,, ive known u for like 183736464737 years now,,,, an u never told me u were into dead animals yoongles: I don’t think is can go on,,,, w a man whom is both a necrophiliac and bestialiser seokjinnie: same yoongo hopey: joonie it has gone Too Far joonie: hobo may I remind u that ur nickname in uni was pumpkin joonie: shall I also remind u why? jimini: LMAO PUMPKIn seokjinnie: that sounds endearing more than anything tbh yoongles: ohhhhh I think I heard about this joonie: shall :)) we:)) remind:)) ourselves:)) hopey: NO TF WE SHOULD NOT gukkie: whi not tho hopey: jeon motherfuckin jeongguk don’t u act like u ain’t know gukkie: I cannae read suddenly iono taehyungie: gukkieeeeeee tell meeeeee jimini: GUKKIE IF U WANNA DRINK MY SPECIAL HOT CHOCOLATE AGAIN U WILL TELL ME PIECE IF SHI seokjinnie: 2 types of people?

Kim Seokjin: ^ Kim Tae Tae: yea why joonie: les jus say joonie: is quite shocking emocube: an how’s that Park Chim: innit i wanna know joonie: i’ll let u see for urselves when he’s ready to show Kim Seokjin: how bout a face reveal hobo: oooo sounds fun Kim Tae Tae: am down w that Park Chim: when?