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The institution shall, within 60 days after the interview, forward any corrected or completed information received from the borrower to the guaranty agency indicated on the borrower’s student aid records. 111–39, § 407(b)(5)(G), substituted “paragraph (2)” for “subparagraph (B)” in introductory provisions. Each eligible institution shall designate an employee or group of employees who shall be available on a full-time basis to assist students or potential students in obtaining information as specified in subsection (a).

The Secretary shall use the recommendations from the group of representatives convened under clause (i) to provide technical assistance to two-year, degree-granting institutions of higher education in meeting the requirements of paragraph (1)(L) and subsection (e).

Each eligible institution participating in any program under this subchapter shall carry out information dissemination activities for prospective and enrolled students (including those attending or planning to attend less than full time) regarding the institution and all financial assistance under this subchapter.