Common dating pitfalls

You might still use Date Time for things like general dates (July 4th, 1776) or store hours (9AM-5PM), since they are not affected by time zones. Note how with most of the standard formats you get different values for different cultures: different month names, swapped month/day places, etc.Pick the right format when serializing These are used with the Date Time Offset. If you use one of these to serialize and Parse back in, it might work if you have the same culture on both sides, but will break if one side uses a different culture.You may tell yourself thousand times that you are not nervous at all about your date, especially if it is your first date with a cute girl you’ve met at one of the men’s best dating websites, but if you are really nervous – that will be visible at once.That will serve as a minor turn-off for a woman so keep in mind that you take control of yourself and concentrate on the positive way of thinking about the upcoming date.Use one of those for serialization: Use Date Time Offset and be careful with serialization.If you're dealing with legacy code that's using Date Time, be aware of all the timezone-related pitfalls when comparing, serializing, parsing and converting.

Zero offset, and To Local Time() will convert and result in an offset of the user's current time zone.Aim yourself at enjoying the time with her and having fun, in that case you will have more chances to look natural in convenient in her eyes.As you probably must have derived it from the previous point, being self-confident also supposes having a clear plan of your intentions and actions that you make out beforehand. If you show her that are you always ready and able to take the lead in a situation, never afraid to take the responsibility for your deeds, know how to handle the things and deal with unarranged businesses, you will be definitely able to gain favor in her sight.You can get failed parses or swapped month/day values.

Only the "o", "r", "s" and "u" formats are culture-invariant.

The ticks counter represents how many 100ns ticks you are away from 1/1/0001 AM.