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The heated leaves are used as a wet dressing for wounds, skin inflammations, malignant ulcers, cuts, stings and swellings and said to promote healing without scars.Poultice of hot leaves is bound onto cuts and wounds to draw out thorns, splinters and inflammation.Don’t worry, I won’t waste your time with the elementary school lessons about how to accurately pronounce “library,” “February,” or “arctic”…

These tips will not seal the deal in a job interview or on a date (I can especially vouch for the “date” scenario) but if pronunciation continues to be a potential chink in your armor, your problems will soon be solved. the ten most important words you should learn to pronounce, if you would like to appear reasonably knowledgeable about your own language.The herb has a long history of use as an alternative medicine dating back to ancient times.Being used as a panacea (medicinal for everything) in some cultures, one American Indian name for the plant translates to “life medicine.” And recent research indicates that this name may not be far from true!There were always hollyhocks and poppies, the yellow transparent apple tree, lilacs, roses and a small vegetable garden.

Grandma and I would dance and sing on the front lawn, and every Saturday night we had a “date” watching Hee Haw. I've rediscovered “medicine leaf”, and it's become a staple of my first aid kit.

Up until very recently, I could not even conceive a situation where someone would mispronounce this word; it always seemed very simple, to me.

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