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The University of North Carolina in nearby Chapel Hill still has its monument to the generic Johnny Reb.A statue of a soldier known as “Silent Sam” stands amid daily protests demanding its removal and round-the-clock protection by police prepared to ward off vandals and quell clashes with counterprotesters.

At the University of Mississippi, for instance, thousands of fans tailgate before every Rebels home game on leafy acres orbiting a compass point called “the Circle”—a small park where a Confederate soldier atop a towering plinth greets all who arrive on the Oxford campus.“Like any decision involving history and symbols, the removal of the Lee statue provoked a range of responses,” said Michael Schoenfeld, Duke’s vice president of public affairs, when asked about the president’s decision to remove the recently vandalized Lee.“The statue had an odd origin and was controversial in one form or another from the moment it was unveiled,” he told me.Still, the work of circumscribing a complex history continues. Mississippi may like to be last, but South Carolina remembers who was first: first to secede from the Union—and in the case of Charleston’s military college, the Citadel, the first to take hostile shots at a Yankee armament.

“As a result of the committee’s work, UM will soon contextualize nine other sites on campus,” Dr. “It's everywhere you go,” Citadel history professor Kyle Sinisi described the Confederacy's hold on his campus and culture.

When it was unveiled in 1932, trustees balked at its scant resemblance to Lee and the letters “U.