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In Germany, there’s a lot of books and material about Baader-Meinhof and other terrorists, but not so much about them.The good thing was that Kate Solomon and Gregory Burke, the producer and scriptwriter, are real experts on terrorism in the ’70s, because they have been researching it for a long time for other movies and projects.I think Kate has been closely working with Paul Greengrass on various occasions, so she’s very dedicated.They had a lot of interesting material, which they shared with us, like long interviews with eye witnesses, the former boyfriend of Rosamund Pike’s character, and then unpublished texts and really rare stuff that you wouldn’t find on Amazon or in a book shop.To also understand better where we’re standing right now.That’s partially why I like films like this and I was alive when both events took place but I was very young and probably didn’t watch as much news as young people do these days, so it would have been filtered through my parents.As of last month, the two were still together, once again being photographed walking in Manhattan a few days before Christmas.

The version I remember was very black and white, quite trashy as I thought, and that’s why I was thinking it would be interesting to make a more current and more complex version of this event to maybe hopefully attract also a younger generation and to remind them what had happened back then.That was something unprecedented, and that interested me.I was pleased to read the script, because it showed me an interesting multi-perspective version of that. In both films or I think there might even be three films.Daniel Brühl: Yeah, it rang a bell, but there was another plane hijacking of a Lufthansa plane in ’77, a year later in Mogadishu, and probably because it as a German plane and with German hostages, this is better remembered.

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