Dating a dutch woman

Being a seasoned expat for the past 6 years now, I’ve gained some .Some of the mistakes I made are long-lasting and quite irreparable.It may also freak her out by being so candid about your feelings. A common trait of the Dutch is that they are a very vocal lot with very strong opinions that can be considered as “complaining”.You’ll get the seemingly harmless question, “What do you think of this country? Let them do the complaining, politely nod your head and smile.

They’ve welcomed me into their country, their homes and into their hearts.Do not fall victim to their self-deprecating humor about their own country and their country(wo)men.If you are an expat experiencing , reconsider your readiness with making friends with the locals.I have a sneaking suspicion that it may not end well. Do Not Drop by Unannounced (especially during dinner time) It is considered quite rude to show up to a Dutch friend’s home unannounced.

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