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“I was worried that if this got worse, he would follow me home.I felt like someone was breathing down my neck.”The legal definition of sexual harassment includes “verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature” that is “so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment.” But Jennifer Drobac, a law professor at Indiana University, uses a much easier litmus test to determine appropriate office behavior.“You don’t know if [a person’s] direct report is going out with them because there’s some implied coercion,” says Strauss.“Maybe [they’ve been told] they’ll get a raise or will get promoted.”Plus, if things don’t work out, it’s most often the lower-level employee — usually a woman — whose career gets derailed.Admittedly, workplace dating has always been a powder keg of romantic potential, serious regret and boundary-pushing.But in a post-Weinstein world, we’re finally looking at it under a microscope.

Even if the relationship is consensual, you have too much influence over that person’s career for the dynamic to ever be equal.An old colleague of mine says he slowly pursued a coworker he’s now married to instead of hitting on her aggressively.“My approach was to try to talk to her in a non-romantic way that could organically grow into a more obviously romantic back-and-forth,” he tells me on Facebook.“I’ve investigated a number of workplace incidents and 9 out of 10 times the man will say to me, ‘I had no idea that was harassment,’” says Roberta Matuson, who runs a business consulting company.

“The majority of times I actually believed [that he didn’t think] telling off-color jokes or asking the co-author at the conference to join him for a drink later constituted harassment.”The good news is that you can pursue an office crush without being the office creep.

Don’t pounce on every new employee and be the guy who women warn one another about.

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