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It sounds exciting but is it right to keep one at home?There are certain advantages in keeping wild animals as pets. But, although this idea looks exciting, and many people want to have a wild animal as a pet, it isn’t a good idea. I hope that people won’t have wild animals as pets, because they should live in their natural habitats.However, we must not forget the fact that handling one requires a good understanding of the animal's nature and habitat.Many people who own wild animals as pets are trained in handling them.Baby Animals Grow Up Every baby animal, whether wild or domestic, is adorable.

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There have been incidents of mahouts being trampled by their elephants or trained zoo keepers being attacked by the animals in zoos.Hence, keeping wild animals as pets has always been a controversial issue. Pros Cons Ethical Issues The first and foremost issue about having a wild animal as a pet, is about the welfare of the animal itself.With a lot of study and training, one might be able to provide proper diet and exercise to the animals.We must consider our decision of adopting wild animals as pets carefully, as there is a great price attached, not only to the animals, but also to our lives and the environment.

My intention's to make it a place for cherishing great memories of working with school children.

Our desire to own unusual animals as pets often leads us to bring wild animals home.

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