Dating communictaion

This paper looks at one of these sets of data: metadata of approximately two million conversations, containing 19 million messages, exchanged between 400,000 heterosexual users on an MDA.

But did you know that your taste in films could affect your online dating success?In addition to becoming an influential part of modern dating culture, MDAs facilitate a unique form of mediated communication: dyadic mobile text messages between pairs of users who are not already acquainted.Furthermore, mobile dating has paved the way for analysis of these digital interactions via massive sets of data generated by the instant matching and messaging functions of its many platforms at an unprecedented scale.Those listing the 2012 Ben Affleck-directed drama among their favourite films receive almost twice as many ( 90%) messages than the average eharmony member.

Other attractive films – for both genders – include may be thought of as one of the greatest films ever made but it isn’t a hit with online daters, with fans seeing a 19% reduction in messages.

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