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It was a supposedly lovely January, though one could never tell in London, where the weather usually did a limbo between dreary or downright depressing.Sirius's mother, a young Walburga Black, felt herself above the humiliation of having to spread her legs and expose herself to the healers for a normal child birth.Thus, she coped with it in the way she found most suitable (and most others didn't): she had copious amounts of illegal potion and quite a bit of wandwork.Later, these potions would be put down as the reason for Sirius's questionable mental health.'You can't judge by that.' Briefly, he wondered if this change in sexuality was Sirius's new phase and if he was planning on telling Mrs. James hoped to Merlin Lily Evans didn't taste like that.Not that he would ever stop fancying her because of it, but it would be a hindrance to their soon-to-be relationship.'Anyway, I'm gay.' Sirius repeated in case James didn't hear the first time.It was a hot summer, almost too hot because both boys had spent most of the day in the pond beside the Potter residence.

Not because he was uncomfortable by any means, but because after all these years of knowing Sirius, he reckoned that fact four was simply a manifestation of fact one.James Potter, who was born only two months before was considered a suitable playmate for the young Black.Both boys were from respectable pureblood families (unlike those disgraceful Weasleys) and both considered as the heirs to their family fortune.Now, when asked, Sirius would vehemently deny being anything like his parents, chiefly his mother.

Unfortunately, God and genetics have a sense of humour. Black, but also her temper and complete, utter insanity.

In fact, James didn't believe Sirius at all until Remus Lupin came into their lives.