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“You can make just as many great memories on a Tuesday night as you can on an anniversary.” Of course, the restaurant welcomes big parties and special events, but they also treasure intimate moments between friends, families, and loved ones.The Melting Pot can help people add a personal touch to any occasion — even if it’s just Tuesday.The popularity of the three courses, however, soon led the restaurant to expand to serve more dishes at more locations.Today, the franchise owns over 120 domestic locations and several around the world.You can go for dessert only with a plate of marshmallows, cakes, brownies, and other sweets perfect for dipping in melted chocolate, or you can have a full four-course meal with a salad, cheese fondue, a protein you cook yourself, and chocolate fondue.

The franchise’s menu offers a variety of foods for people with dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options) and for daters looking to indulge in something savory or sweet. He's more likely to be into us as human beings, not hookups. In actuality, I wanted to shake his hand or give him a bear hug or something for being so darn chivalrous (don't worry, I didn't). Sometimes, it's hard to break away from awkward situations like that. Guessing means you usually can't, and confusion isn't a good thing. So if he puts in the time and does the little things, it's like a screening process for us. Here's to all the women who are looking for that chivalrous, good-hearted guy. I don't see this much anymore, living in a liberal area with a younger populace. I slowed down, looked him in the eye and thanked him. Another man, a perfect stranger, stepped in and got Creepy Guy to back off. I just want him to do little things to make me sure he's the real deal. That's why chivalry is as important now as it ever was. (And to all those chivalrous, good-hearted guys, keep doing what you're doing. He waited for me to catch up, then held the door open and stepped aside, allowing me to head in first. My friend found herself riding a bus a few weeks back with a guy nearby who was "creeping on her," so to speak.

The other day, I was headed inside a building when a dark-haired guy with glasses noticed me a few steps away from the door.

The Melting Pot sets the mood on any date while serving up delicious bites.