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Public displays of suggestion or bold suggestion, too quickly, will certainly put a Thai woman off-side and on guard.Use restraint to start with so that you both can get understanding of each other.Thai women are usually quite shy but do have a high expectation that men, and particularly western men, act is gentleman. Ss I mentioned earlier if you wish to retain the interest of the time woman then start thinking like a gentleman.Outside of Thailand, guys tend to think they can do whatever they please when they visit Thailand. Unless you’ve been living under a rock during the equality of the genders, you’ll already understand that women appreciate their guys taking some pride in their appearance and putting effort into looking good, smelling good and having self-confidence in themselves.One of the mind tricks that I use and it’s just a mindset thing. When you don’t have the butterflies, you’re more relaxed, You are more confident in conversation and you have the ability to simply have more fun.The mindset that I adopt on a first date is pretending to go to a business meeting with someone I’ve never met before. So have fun, respect the new Thai woman that you’re with, give her your undivided attention and honesty and have fun together.

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