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He uses the article to rail against anyone who has questions that LCG does not want to answer, beginning by falsely claiming that LCG observes Passover at the same time and in the same way as the first century brethren. He is not consciously lying, he is just repeating the falsehoods which he has been indoctrinated into believing, which falsehoods he sincerely believes.It seems that LCG is getting very frustrated as more and more people ask questions about the Passover, Sabbath, High Days and Calendar.Click the title to access rating.“James Malm rebelliously left the WCG in 1985 while HWA was still alive to try to think for himself.Malm and those associated with him got into things that proved they cannot think anything but rebellion and nonsense, such as sacred names nonsense, divorce, calendar confusion, a garbled gospel, and flat earth errors.Banned claims that I agree with Flat Earth [example article], Sacred Names etc which all of our visitors know is an outright LIE.LCG- Dexter Wakefield has posted an article titled The Leaven of The Pharisees and Sadducee’s.

To download the Gospels Studies and much more absolutely free, visit our Literature page.26 Mar: The past year has been very difficult and we are in financial need.These physical things are indicative of our attitude towards spiritual things!Our Passover Feast of Unleavened Bread series of articles completes today and a series on Jeremiah and the Twelve Minor Prophets begins tomorrow.Being unwilling to accept the truth they simply say “believe us because we know best; how dare you question us and ask us to prove our positions? because their positions are indefensible and contrary to both scripture and historical fact.