Dating south korea

Silver Day (July 14th) – couples exchange silver accessories. Diary Day (January 1st) – couples share diaries to celebrate the year to come. Kiss Day (June 14th) – people kiss everyone they meet (very conservatively).“I’d much rather meet someone that I could have a decent conversation with.But since that condition is difficult to satisfy, I’d rather ask for someone with my ideal looks,” Yoon said.

And since there are too many cases of crimes being committed by people with skewed mindsets these days, having someone as a link between me and my date is seen as a guarantee that nothing bad will happen,” said Kim Soo-yeon, a 20-year-old university student. Movie Day (November 14th) – couples watch a movie together. Wine Day (October 14th) – couples enjoy a glass or two of wine together. Peppero Day (November 11th) -The sticks resemble the date, 11/11, when people give a boxes of pepero sticks to their love interest.

White Day (March 14th) – This is the day for the men to give to the women.

(a blind date between two groups of friends, each group from a different institution). Through your classmates or colleagues, you get acquainted with the person, or you could simply introduce yourself and get to know each other. But when my colleagues mischievously tried to set me up with a seemingly decent man my age (they think my reluctance to date is hilarious), I turned down the offer. Upon receiving my request to set me up with someone, my cousin asked what my type was.