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Regardless of the date of the Exodus, several events are not in dispute: a) The date of construction of Solomon’s temple in 966BC.b) The ~120 years for Saul, David and Solomon’s combined reigns; and c) the 40 years of wilderness wanderings immediately after the Exodus.After inquiring about the status of the book via e-mail correspondence to Dr.Petrovich, he wrote back and indicated that the timing of publication of this book is currently uncertain.He has maintained for some time that the pharaoh of the Exodus is Amenhotep II, and that the timing was 1446 B. (Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus-Pharaoh, TMSJ 17/1).Moreover, he holds that the Israelites departed from their dwelling place in the archaeological site now known as Avaris.The movie has since made its way to Netflix, and has become influential to many evangelicals.Unfortunately, this is leading many people down the blind alley of the New Chronology.

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There is no need to embrace a revisionist timeline.John Currid does seem warm to the idea of a 13th century exodus in the EP Study Commentary of Exodus vol.1 (2014, first published in 2000), but nonetheless concludes “For now, the date of the exodus and the conquest must remain an open question. I would agree with Waltke that a definitive verdict cannot be arrived at ‘until more data puts the date of the conquest beyond reasonable doubt.He provides a helpful, up-to-date, and balanced overview of the various positions, and covers the merits of not only the Early Date (15th century) and Late Date (13th century) but also a Very Early Date (16th century) and a Very Late Date (12th century). because they are alive and can be expected to express reasonably up-to-date scholarship 2. because they have relevant specialization and expertise on the subject.

He only dismisses “radical revisions to Egyptian chronology and history carried out by amateurs and by a few unconventional scholars” such as David Rohl (p. because they are reformed or evangelical, as best as I can tell, or at least are highly sympathetic to the biblical account. As far as I can tell, everyone listed except Wright and Kitchen have Ph D’s in relevant fields, and collectively the breadth of their expertise covers ANE history, religions, archeology, semitic languages, Egyptology, middle Egyptian, and so on.

It is imperative that we, as Christians, handle the matters of biblical history with great care, so that in our apologetic witness we would not give reason for skeptics to cast doubt on the biblical testimony. The dating of Israel’s exodus from Egypt is a fairly daunting issue even for scholars who specialize in the relevant historical fields and devote their lives to such issues.

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    Mar 10, 2017. Since Exodus does not specify Pharaoh by any name other than his official title, identifying the ruler of Egypt at this critical juncture relies almost entirely on the dating issue. Those who hold to the earlier date 1446 B. C. often argue for Amenhotep II. He was known for his military excursions, including.…