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This is JYP’s 2nd couple of the year, as Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun and 2AM’s Jinwoon were revealed to be dating in September. DURING one incredible month in its dotcom heyday, Silicon Valley was minting 64 millionaires every day, many young and mostly male.An insider reported that the couple was known to be close to each other, and everyone in the industry knows that they’ve advanced from being close friends to lovers.A JYP Entertainment representative gave out a statement, saying: “When they were in Korea, before they debuted, they relied on each other. The 2 of them have relied on each other while they were preparing to debut in USA.Granted, the shift to commitment was sometimes less than romantic."One guy told a woman, 'You're my new start-up' – and she liked it,' " says Po Bronson, author of "The Nudist on the Late Shift" and "The First 20 Million is Always the Hardest," both set in Silicon Valley.And since the crash, she says, clients "freeze" memberships far more often – meaning they've found serious partners, and are taking a break from singles events. Between the "boom time" of 1997-1999 and the bust of 2000-2001, the number of marriage licenses issued annually in Santa Clara County leapt 19 percent.

It's evident at City Tavern, a mecca for 20-somethings in San Francisco's ritzy Marina district.Magazines and Internet sites profiled male tech magnates in all their Palm-Pilot splendor, inviting women to drool over "Hunks of the Web."But when the dotcom bubble deflated, hot air left the singles scene, too.Gone are the Gatsby-esque parties and use of job titles as pickup lines."Guys would say, 'I work for this company, this is how much money I'm making, this is what I'm driving' – and that's what the girls would gravitate to."Today, several Nasdaq nosedives later, the bravado is gone.

The protocol of courtship is not to ask someone what they do – but if they work.

Still, he says, many people are pouring the energy that used to go into 100-hour workweeks into cultivating relationships.