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They are viewing other empoyee's calendars, not the entire mailbox.So there are no additional 'mailboxes' being opened, Just shared other user's calendars.She also polls an IMAP mailbox that is outside of our organization.I found the database tool and created a new identity and configured it to connect to the Exchange server.Any advice other than trying an export to local folders?

All Inbox mail updates normally, while his Outlook 2011 for mac does not. I have seen this problem several times now with our Outlook 2011 for Mac users in our Exchange 2010 envoirnment.The receptionist at this company has access to everyone's calendars in the building.When she recieves a phone call for a meeting, she can schedule a meeting for anybody.When syncing Exchange 2007 with Outlook it will state something like "Updating inbox 10/10" then "Update complete" but nothing is showing in his Inbox. Per MS suggestions i had emptied the "Inbox" cache.

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