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Even if it can at times resemble a slightly more downbeat Atlantic City. Outside of the tourist hot spots, attitudes towards sex amongst the local Macau communities is decidedly more traditional and reticent.The gambling culture plays in to the hands of the sex industry, which is quietly huge in Macau. The prevailing attitude towards sex in Macau, as a visitor, is thus… One night stand (hookup) culture hasn’t yet seeped in to the local customs, even if the younger generation of Macanese ladies are much more likely to be seen at bars than they once were…Macau (or Macao) is a special administrative region of China; a short ferry ride across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong.Unlike mainland China, it is considerably more liberal in its attitudes towards sex.

The ladies at these venues are beautiful and guaranteed to make for friendly companions, but there’s a reason for that, and it’s usually down to money…While the casinos and major hotels are by far the most popular night spots in Macau, you shouldn’t overlook some of the other non-gambling related entertainment in the area.The NAPE district south of Avenida de Amizade is packed with bars and clubs where some of the more liberal and metropolitan generation mingle with expats and tourists.You’ll also get to meet plenty of women who simply wouldn’t be found around the slots.

Many of the Filipino girls here cannot afford to waste their money chasing the bright lights, but they are sociable and happy to mingle with foreigners.

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