Fiction on callie arizona dating

Callie would do one of two things and Arizona was not looking forward to either reaction to put it mildly.The first possible reaction would be indifference, because she was so indifferent to Arizona that she no longer cared about anything Arizona said or did.Arizona curled up on her bed an cried her eyes out for once she resisted phoning Murphy to come over and decided it was clear she needed to move on – but more than move on life changing moving on.She was clearly feeling sorry for herself but she could not shake herself out of it she had been fighting herself way too long ever since the crash and now she was exhausted.

She thought she had control, had reined herself in tight, maybe it had been too tight a rein.The reason being in Arizona’s mind was she had lost control of herself. Arizona could not believe she struggled with the, she was good with names, why was she struggling with someone’s name who she had had sex with?Goodness knows what Callie would do when she found out Arizona had slept with the intern and she would find out, Leah would talk to her friends and then the hospital gossip vine would go on overdrive and Callie was too well plugged in not to find out and find out quickly.This would confirm that from Callie’s point of view they were over with capital O.