Focus on the family dating after divorce

You're not unusual (nor should you be embarrassed) if you need antidepressants for some period of time to get unstuck.Many women also find it beneficial to examine their feelings in a therapeutic setting, such as private therapy, a divorce support group, or counseling services from their church/synagogue."Why do some women do well after divorce, while others get stuck?" a divorcing client asked me, confronting her worries head on. I want to rely on myself and not be afraid of the future.The same income that used to run one household is now running two.Women often don't get paid the same as men for comparable work, and women's careers are impacted by choosing to raise children -- but these are facts, but not obstacles to happiness.Spend time (and connect online) with women who are upbeat and can be role models for moving forward with strength and optimism.Two blogs I like, created by women who did something constructive to deal with their divorce, are Chick Chain Walking Club and One Mom's Battle.

What's the key to regaining your independence and confidence?Although daunting at first, this step is immensely empowering.Divorce may be the first time you've managed the family finances and planned for the future.Second, find an expert (an accountant or financial planner) with whom you can review your finances and spending.