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Women are more focused on their careers and don’t think they must get married as quickly as possible and have babies.Russian women want to fulfill themselves in their professional lives, but they always choose in favor of their families.4. If a Russian woman loves a man, she loves him with all her heart and endlessly. Only a mysterious Russian soul can love somebody that much.It’s wonderful how a woman can create coziness around her.Man’s home is his castle or cave where he can hide from the life storms.Her love pushes the Russian woman to self-sacrifice – the readiness to put her man’s or her kids’ interests above her own.5. Russian women have that natural wisdom that allows them to behave like mature individuals in any situation. Every Russian woman has enough inner strength and patience to provide emotional support to her loved one.She can find the right words to cheer him up; she also knows when he needs her silent support.6. This is a very important skill that Russian women possess.

Men are considered to be the leaders, both in business and families. They like to feel fragile and protected by the strong partner.3. There is a tendency in the developed western countries towards a career-oriented way of life.

St’Valentine’s Day is relatively new to Russia and is still not as important as other, traditional holidays.