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Niko's businesslike and pragmatic manner usually leads him to behave more maturely and cautiously than his acquaintances, although with acquaintances like Brucie Kibbutz, Bernie Crane and Roman, this is no surprise.He has an apparent distaste for illicit drugs, much like Carl Johnson. Despite having an average build, Niko is quite strength and several characters call him through the story "big man" or "big guy". He most likely got the scar during the war, but this is just implied.Niko can date five different girls throughout the game.

Also once you arrange a date with her do not take over an hour in the game’s time to pick her up or her fondness will also go down.Neverthless, Niko can be very bloodthirsty as, like every GTA's protagonist he can kill dozens of people without the slighest remorse, but is definitely not a barbarian.However, he has absolutely any fear as he is willing to confront dozens of armed henchmen to save Roman or fighting highly trained NOOSE's agents to defend the crew during the robbery.Niko's biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past - which causes him much aggression when the issue of finding his betrayers comes up; Niko is criticized by many of his friends and most notably Roman, for this weakness.

However, Packie knew his feelings and often show compassion, as well as Kate.

High military training Survival skills Nigh-infinite stamina Speed Durability Longevity Strength Reflexes of steal Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant Enhanced equilibrium Marksmanship Commandment Intimidation Enhanced driving skills Some piloting skills Persuasion Robbing skills Manipulation and deception Fearlessness Wealth (after the robbery)Get away from his troubled past. Despite his coldness behavior, he can be friendly and a loving individual (such as with Kate).

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