Idina menzel taye diggs dating

Taye Diggs’ dating timeline isn’t that long and that’s mainly because he was married to award-winning singer-actress, Idina Menzel, 46.They were married for a decade and got married in 2003, before they decided to divorce.They had two kids together: Daughter Noah Brown and son Braker Brown.You can also catch photos of the happy couple and their kids on both Amanza and Diggs’ Instagram accounts.

The film begins production this summer and the release date is unknown at this time.In 2003, Menzel originated the role of Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked, a performance for which she won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.Menzel returned to Broadway as Elizabeth Vaughan in the 2014 musical If/Then, which earned her a third Tony Award nomination.“It’s hard to know what’s age-appropriate as far as educating your child and how much to teach him about what’s out there, and that there are bad people out there and there are people who don’t like other people,” the star explains.

“You want to keep him insulated and safe and not ruin his perspective of the world.”.

While most celebrities only follow a small amount of people on social media, Diggs has followed over 699,000 people on Twitter, which earned him 700,000 followers!