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Environmental principles and policies for the 1990s were outlined in the Government's Environment Action Programme, published in January 1990 and subject to periodic reviews and updates (cf Moving Towards Sustainability).Since 1990, the momentum towards fuller environmental integration has intensified at many levels - institutional, regulatory, consultative and sectoral.Geraldine Tallon, Principal Officer, Environment Policy Section, Department of the Environment Telephone: 353-1-6793377 Fax: 353-1-8742423 e-mail: Mailing address: Department of the Environment, Custom House, Dublin 1, Ireland 2. List of ministries and agencies involved: No information. Names of para-statal bodies and institutions involved, as well as participation of academic and private sectors: No information. Names of non-governmental organizations: No information. Reflecting Ireland's widely based approach towards the promotion and achievement of sustainable development, the Department's role over recent years has been to secure better regulation, monitoring and information systems through the establishment and build-up of the Environmental Protection Agency; to complete a modern environmental legislative code; to improve arrangements for public participation in planning and development control; to encourage the integration of environmental considerations in the policies and work of other Government Departments; and to promote environmental education and awareness; improve access to environmental information and develop partnerships with non-governmental organisations. The National Anti-Poverty Strategy has, to date, involved the following: (i) The preparation of a statement setting out the nature and extent of poverty and social exclusion in Ireland; (ii) The evaluation of submissions from the voluntary and community sector, the social partners and other interested bodies and individuals; (iii) The selection of key issues/policy areas which must be addressed if poverty and social exclusion are to be tackled, i.e.

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All the working groups have now or are in the process of reporting to the NAPS Inter-departmental Committee.Consequently, there may be some minor inconsistencies among the formats of the different country profiles.All statistics are rendered as provided by the respective Governments.The Agency is involved in a range of programmes and activities to combat poverty.