Is chely wright dating stephanie miller

If Kuffs is right and they used Lauren's egg (heck, even if she isn't right and the egg was Chely's), if they went the IVF route that's some big bucks.When my sister was doing this, is was at least $10k per attempt.My bet would be that in another 2 years, Lauren will be the pregnant one.I hope they have twin girls, and then Lauren has a boy later on.My guess would be that Chely wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth, something she alluded to in a QA session after a showing of WMA at a church several months back (the same QA session where she said she and Lauren would try to start a family after they'd been married a year).

Of course, the argument will be that KK is the bigger star because......exactly is she famous, again? But you're right - KK gets a 9 page spread for the ridiculous circus that was her 72 day 'marriage' while Chely and Lauren, still together, got a few paragraphs.

Can't wait to see what she looks like in a few months.

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