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But my father just kept a guitar around the house—he played a little, too—and because it was always there, and I developed a love for music at an early age, I just kept learning and playing over time. My mother is a very amazing and creative in her own way, but she is more of a business woman.When all the boys started playing—maybe around age nine or ten. [laughs] Maybe because I feel like that I’m one of them. He is more of my best musical buddy than my dad who I go to for sound advice. She started a law firm and urged my father to go to law school., a spin, you probably thought — based on the first track, “The Betrayer” — it was going to be more accessible than her previous efforts.Although there are a handful of songs that have more of a pop sensibility than any on , there’s still an air of distance coming from the out musician.King also happens to be an out-loud and proud lesbian, but she bristles at the thought of being called a "gay musician."Both bad-ass and demure, fiercely intelligent and playfully silly, King is an artist who instinctively wriggles free from the confining boundaries of any reductive label.And that includes any static interpretations of her own music.

I had no delusions of grandeur about being a success, because instrumental acoustic guitar music hadn't had any commercial success since the 80's.King has also added the sound of her own voice to a few songs, using her girlish instrument to big effect on lyrics that touch on such disparate topics as nuclear warfare and her first lesbian affair.Produced by John Mc Entire (Tortoise, Stereolab, Sea & Cake), ...She doesn’t want to be “gotten.”Known for her finger-picking, fret-tapping and overall guitar skill-set, you are likely interested in Kaki for her musicianship rather than the fact she’s a lesbian, which, of course, is what most musicians hope for — they want fans of their talent, not of their personal lives.

However, fans, at the core, are people interested in feeling connections, and the person or persons playing the music and writing the songs are where these connections begin.

But it’s with , her fifth album, that it would appear her label (or possibly even Kaki herself) is interested in putting her out with a more “fun” image.

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