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Cryor earned his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Morgan State University and pursued graduate studies in the field, stopping just short of a Ph. Perhaps that explains his ability to connect with people and bring them together even under trying circumstances.

This year’s selection committee includes three members of our inaugural panel — Greater Baltimore Committee President and CEO Donald C.The average number of people it passed through was 5.2 [so each letter was sent 6.2 times on average to get to the final person] leading to more emphasis on that whole SIX thing.Problem #1: Here the 6.2 was an average, not a maximum like in the short story above.This suggests that each person would need at least 68 personal acquaintances if there was no overlap.

But since many people share personal acquaintances, the actual number would have to be a lot higher.

In other words, this experiment suggests that two people in the US would be 6.2 steps on average away from each other if they’re connected at all, but they probably aren’t.