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Sinds onze start in 2003 hebben wij al vele singles succesvol met elkaar in contact gebracht.

Single van het jaar 2017: Maikel (47) uit #Nieuw Vennep.In the ensuing negotiations in 440, both empires promised not to build any new fortifications in Mesopotamia and that the Sasanian Empire would get some payment.Shortly after his peace treaty with Romans, he, along with Izad Gushnasp, Ashtat, and his vizier Mihr Narseh, moved towards Sasanian Armenia, and defeated the Armenians and captured many Armenian nobles, priests, and troops, sending them to the eastern Sasanian provinces to protect the borders from Hunnic invasions.However, after some time, he turned away from these and started a policy of his own.

When the Sasanian nobles told him that his new policies had offended the civilians, he said the following thing: "It is not correct for you to presume that the ways in which my father behaved towards you, maintaining you close to him, and bestowing upon you all that bounty, are incumbent upon all the kings that come after him ...

William Russell was in Kyushu, Japan at just the right time, as the Sakurajima volcano began to spew ash into the sky.