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Here a the boy names: Jacin Jax Devyn Joaquin Xander Sean Myles Wren Colton Dash Felix Thorn Alec Byron Lyle Marco Axl And here are the girl names: Bay Kora Thaila Willow Rosemary Penelope Olive Isla Aspen Beatrix Harper Piper Bernadette Odette Roseanne Tyra Jacqui Camila Ivory Hey, I created a character named Logan, he is werewolf in the story, "I'm Not What I Do" I could really use some help.I also need a last name for a science teacher named Lucas, his secret life outside of being a werewolf hunter, please help. For you're logan character use lupen or lupus For the teacher guy use -Walker -Hunter -Slade -Stryker -(and in my opinion the best one to play the role) SLAYER cool right?!VAMPIRE NAME GENERATOR Names for vampires in a variety of styles..The acronyms OHG and MHG stand for Old High German and Middle High German, respectively.1.Not too many of those are on the following list but examples include Brinkmann, Berger and Frank.

This is a list of the best, cool unusual girls' names---those that have deep roots, are attractive, and can fit into contemporary life, yet are not on the brink of widespread discovery.And by unusual girls’ names, we mean those used for 25 or fewer baby girls last year.Suitable for dark or ominous characters of all types, not just the undead.Hope you found this article useful, and thanks for paying a visit.

Abernathy Abbott Abner Abrams Acker Acuff Adair (Some puns will happen with this last name.) Adara (Means "noble" in Hebrew.) Adelson Adler Agnew Ainge Albright Alcott (An Anglo-Saxon derived name that means "he who lives in and old cottage".) Algarotti Allard Allred Alstott Alvarez Amherst Andruzzi Angle Annenberg Antrican Apatow Archeletta (a name of topographic origin meaning 'oak hollow') Archer Argento Armani Armstrong Arrhenius Arrington Arrowood Asola Asterio Atkinson Attard Atwater Atwood Austin Averescu Axworthy Ayesa Baldwin Ballard Banner Banu (Means "lady" in Persian.) Barks Barrick Bartley Batch Bauer Beebe Bender Bennett Benoit Benson Benton Benwikere Bernthal (Derived from the Yiddish name Ber, which means 'bear' and the German word Tal, which means 'valley'.

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