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This great site – a super-city of the world in the earlier to mid second millennium BC – was long held to prove that Thera could not have erupted around 1600 BC – a position restated time and again by the long-time excavator of the site, Manfred Bietak (most recently in Antiquity arguing against the olive branch date’s relevance).The olive-branch dating of the Santorini eruption, Antiquity 88: 267-73.Nonetheless, it was argued by critics for many years that radiocarbon did not work for some reason, and, in particular, it was believed that radiocarbon gave different results versus Egyptian history and so could be questioned – but a key large-scale study by Bronk Ramsey et al.This group gives you the opportunity to meet like minded single people while exploring all the fun activities, places and events San Antonio and the surrounding areas have to offer.

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