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Although I love writing Jeff and Annie, I think if I don't give myself a breather, all these stories will start to run together.This fic became a lot longer than I planned at a hefty 9 chapters. " Jeff slumped, taking a sip of his scotch, clasping his hands together stretching them beyond the width of the bar.We would literally be settling, because it would be too easy to stay. "Boring, safe and the wrong kind of miserable." She cleared her throat, changing her tone ever-so-slightly."Say we pair you off with someone else, some random woman neither of us knows." Their eyes met, but Britta quickly continued. More chemistry, connection and differing ideals; maybe you're also good friends – I don't know, who's to say in this purely hypothetical scenario." Jeff shook his head, astounded by the notion that in all the time he had known her, she had not come to grasp even a hint of subtlety.So many distractions: new fandoms (and subsequent OTPs), the holidays, and of course, my shameful infidelity with other fics (which I will be posting in the near future).This will be my last Milady/Milord fic for a little while as my other OTPs are screaming in my ear for a little attention.It has been almost 3 months since Annie left for her internship and weeks since she has reached out to her friends back home, leaving Jeff completely restless.

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I, being neither, have no use for it."Jeff smiled and gave a half-chuckle at the self-imposed compliment masquerading as self-deprecation.He lifted his head very slowly, not exactly seeing the light as it flowed in, but feeling lilac stained streams of sunlight pouring on his face and sealed eyelids; a sensation that sounded pleasant enough, but felt like the seventh circle of hell in that particular moment. ""Because wishes do come true." She said snidely and stretched her arms above her head, immediately regretting the movement as her stomach lurched to her throat."No, I mean how did I make it this far?He gave a shallow breath, involving as little of his body as humanly possible. He heard a similar groan outside the door and looked to see Britta dragging her feet from her room down the hall in pursuit of the kitchen. I can't believe I didn't drop on the floor beside the front door.""I can assure you, I offered no assistance." She continued inching her way to her destination."But Summer is almost over and I don't know about you, but my 'specialized' ringtone has been pretty quiet. Even if it kills me." At least she didn't have work tomorrow."That seems a healthy and ethical attitude." Jeff gulped down his glass as if it were nothing.

Britta followed suit, a little for solidarity, but mostly because she liked having a drinking buddy who could keep her pace.

Britta thought far too highly of herself to imply anything she deemed disparaging.