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The withholding taxes are affected by several factors such as the income sum, whether the worker is unmarried or married, and the schedule by which the worker is paid whether bi-weekly or monthly.Quick Books Payroll has really customized the business tasks of its users by tracking the income and expenses, creating invoices and estimates, syncing bank accounts, paying payroll and file taxes and many other things.It's important to understand how Quick Books Desktop supports various state and local taxes.Expand this section to learn more about which taxes are supported, how the taxes are applied and should changes occur during the tax year what actions, if any, are required on your part to set up or edit your employee and company payroll information in your Quick Books Desktop company file.Withholding Taxes State Unemployment Taxes Local Taxes State Disability Taxes Payroll Reporting Codes The information contained here is meant to provide general information about the payroll process and is not intended to provide tax or legal advice.

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Doing taxes as a small business owner can be an overwhelming experience—dozens of numbered forms, complicated terminology, and handfuls of important dates to remember.You’ll fill out a W-2 for for each of your employees, reporting their annual wages as well as the amount of taxes withheld from their paychecks.As a small business owner, you’re responsible for issuing W-2 forms to your employees no later than January 31 and also submitting copies of these forms to the IRS.If your business is a sole proprietorship, you’ll use a Schedule C (also known as Form 1040) to report how much money you made (or lost) in your business each year.