Rastafari interracial dating

Is every pure black guy having a pure black partner an alliance, or is every pure black couple automatically a heaven-on-earth alliance?In general, how many pure blacks, according to you -- [whether married to fellow pure blacks or not, whether single or not single (however pure they may be)] -- hold an alliance of their own African blackness?

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Well I used the term esteem when talking about those brothas who seem to have MUCH LOVE for white women.The majority of the black people in the US are not mulattoes.So I know where you were going with me not having a Congolese mate, but I didnt choose an interracial relationship.I don't think one can be Rastafari (pro-black) and date a white person. You said: Sometimes I think people lay too much stress on effects and not CAUSES, as both impact the scattered, mis-educated and powerless black community, in their (sometimes) too PERSONAL criticism of others, haughty sometimes, which I personally find strange.