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This life reduction due to contamination in the lubricant film is taken into account by the contamination factor ISO 281 STATES 'Exceptionally low rotational speeds (dpw x n) =10000, the generated film may be less than adequate and unlikely to form elastohydrodynamic lubrication and unlikely to separate the rolling element and raceway contact.'), the effectiveness of the additives under these contamination conditions must be proven.The effectiveness of the EP-additives can be demonstrated in the actual application or on a rolling bearing test-rig. Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile Armament / Munitions Requirements and Development Atomic Military Research and Development Automated Message Routing and Distribution Automatic Message Routing And Distribution Aeromedical Role Equipment Ammunition logistic Report Advanced Maintenance Recorder System Acquisition Management System Advanced Missile System (US Navy) Aerospace Materials Specification Air Maintenance Squadron Air Management System Aircraft Management System Alenia Marconi Systems American Material Standard Antenna Matching System Anti-Ship Missile Armoured Mortar System Army Medical Services Automatic Marking System Automatic Meteorological System Automatic Mode Scheduling Avionics Management System Airborne Multimode Solid State Active array Radar Airborne Multimode/function Solid-state Array Radar Ammunition STATus report Automated Messaging Systems and Commcen Replacement Equipment Programme Allied Military Security General (Publication) Allied Military Standards Group Advanced Missile System - Heavy Above Mean Sea Level Air Member for Supply and Organisation Air Member for Supply and Transport Advanced Multi-Sensor System Automatic Message Switching System Action Messing Team Advanced Manufacturing Technology Air Manoeuvre Training and Advisory Team Adaptive Moving Target Detection Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment Air Moving Target Indication Airborne Moving Target Indicator Active Matrix Twisted Nematic Antenna Matching Unit Auxiliary Memory Unit Advanced Marine Vehicle Armoured Maintenance Vehicle Amplitude Modulation-Vestigial Sideband Advanced Microwave Air Force / Navy 25 Acronym AN ANA ANA ANBCDO ANC ANCA AND ANDVT ANEP ANF ANG ANI ANLO ANMI ANN ANN ANO ANO ANODE ANP ANR ANRI ANS ANS ANS ANS ANSI ANSI ANSSM ANSSM (DC) ANSSM (Ops) ANSSM(Ops) ANT ANV ANVIS ANZUK ANZUS AO AO AO AO AO AO AO AO Ao AO AO Regt STO AO(R) AO/MT AOA AOA AOA AOA AOA AOA Long Title Autonomous Network Advance Notification of Amendment Army, Navy, Air Force Assistant NBCD officer African National Congress Allied Naval Communications Agency Alphanumeric Display Advanced Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal Allied Naval Engineering Publication Atlantic Nuclear Force Air National Guard Automatic Number Identification Assistant Naval Liaison Officer Air Navigation Multiple Indicator Artificial Neural Network Automatic Neural Networks Abu Nidal Organisation Air Navigation Order (1995) Ambient sea Noise Directionality Estimator Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Active Noise Reduction Automatic Net Radio Interfacing Air Navigation School Airborne Navigation System American Nuclear Society Automatic Navigation System American National Standards Institute American National Standards Institution Assistant Nuclear Support Service Manager Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Design Control) Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Operations) Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Operations) Air Navigation Trainer Advanced Naval Vehicle Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom military Australia, New Zealand and USA security treaty Accounting Officer Accounting Operations Administrative Officer Area of Operations Army Officer Army Order Artillery Observation Auxiliary Oiler Operational Availability Assisting Officer Air Officer Regiment and Survive to Fight Auxiliary Oiler (Replacement) Administrative Officer/Motor Transport Activity on Arrow (networks) Air Officer Admin Airborne Optical Adjunct Aircraft Operating Authority Amphibious Objective Area Amphibious Operating Area 26 Acronym AOA AOA AOA AOB AOB Ao B AOB AOB AOB AOC AOC AOC AOC Ao C AOC AOC AOC DAUs AOC in C STC AOC Mus AOC Sus AOCin C AOCin C STC AOCIS AOCM AOCS AOCS AOCS AOCSTC AOD AOF Aof D Aof P Aof S AOG AOI AOI AOII AOIR AOM AOM AON AO-N AONB AOO AOP AOP AOP AOP AOPF AOPL AOPR AOPT AOR AOR AOR AOR Long Title Angle Of Arrival Angle Of Attack Army Operational Architecture Air Order of Battle Aircrew Operating Brief Angle of Bank Any Other Business Arctic Ocean Buoy Automatic Optical test-Bench Adaptive Optical Camouflage Agreed Operational Characteristic Air Officer Commanding Air Operations Centre Association of Colleges Association of Old Crows Assumption Of Control (message) Air Officer Commanding Directly Administered Units Air Officer Commander-in-Chief, Strike Command Air Officer Commanding Maintenance Units Air Officer Commanding Signals Units Air Officer Commanding in Chief Air Officer Commanding in Chief Strike Command Air Officer Communications & Information Systems Advanced Optical Countermeasures Attitude and Orbit Control System Attitude and Orbit Control System (Skynet) Attitude and Orbit Control Systems Air Officer Commander-in-Chief, Strike Command Area Of Display Auxiliary Oiler Fleet Angle of Departure Angle of Projection Angle of Sight Aircraft on Ground Arab Organisation for Industrialisation Area of Interest Area of Intelligence Interest Area of Intelligence Responsibility Accounting Officer Memorandum Air Officer Maintenance Activity On Node (networks) Administrative Office, Navy Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Analysis Of Options Airbome Observation Post (for NGS) Airborne Observation Post Allied Ordnance Publication Area Of Projection Active Optical Proximity Fuze Advance Ordering Percentage Limit Area Of Prime Responsibility Advanced Optical Position Transducer Acquisition Organisation Review Acquisition Organization Review Annual Operating Requirements Area of Operational Responsibility 27 Acronym AOR AOR AOR AOR AOR AOR AOS AOS AOS AOSA AOSNI AOSP AOSPP AOT AOT AOTC AOTF AOU AOV AOW AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP APA APA APA APACHE APACHE APACHE APAG APAM APAR APART APB APB APB APB APC APC APC APC APC APC(L) APCBC APCOM APC-T APCT-BF APCU Long Title Area of Responsibility Assault Operations Room Auxiliary Oiler and Replenishment ship Auxiliary Oiler Refueller/Replacement Auxiliary Oiler Replacement Auxiliary, Oiler Replenishment Add-On Stabilisation Airborne Optical Sensor Airfield Operations Support IPT Airborne Optical Sensor Adjunct Air Officer Commanding, Scotland and Northern Ireland Army Operational Shooting Policy Air Officer Strategic Policy & Plans Automated Operations Tool Asset Optimisation Tool Associated Offices Technical Committee Acousto-Optic Tuned Filter Area Of Uncertainty Artillery Observation Vehicle Asia Oceania Workshop (for Open Systems) Accounting Period Accounts Payable Air Publication Allied Publication Ammonium Perchlorate Ammunition Point Anti-Personnel Application Protocol Armour Piercing Assessment Phase Authorised Person Advanced Pilot's Aid All Points Addressable (computer screen) Amphibious transport Advanced Phased Array Chemical High Energy laser equipment Analysis of Pacific Area Communications for Hardening to EMP Arme Propulsee A Charges Ejectables Atlantic Policy Advisory Group Anti-Personnel, Anti-Material Actively Phased-Array Radar Advanced Phased Array Radar Technology Acquisition Policy Board Air Portable Bridge Analysing Printer Base Assessment Phase Board Air Pollution Control Armoured Personnel Carrier Armour-Piercing, Capped Army Personnel Centre Automatic Phase Control Air Picture Compiler (Local) Armour-Piercing, Capped, Ballistic Capped Air Picture Compilation Armour-Piercing, Capped, Tracer Armour-Piercing, Capped, Tracer, Base Fuze Alarm and Power Remote-Control Unit 28 Acronym APD APDS APDS APDS-T APE APEI APEP Apers APERS-T APES APEX APEX APFC APFD APFIDS APFS APFSDS APFSDS APFSDS(P) APFSDS-T APG APG APG APGM APHAZ APHC AP-HC APHCI APHCS APHCS APHE APHEI APHEI APHE-SD APHIDS APHIDS API API API API API API API API APIA APICS APIHC APIT APL APL APL APLD APLM APLN APLS APLS Long Title Amplitude photodiode Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot Armour-Piercing, Discarding Sabot Armour-Piercing, Discarding Sabot, Tracer Armour Piercing, Explosive Armour Piercing, High Explosive and Incendiary Armour Piercing Enhanced Performance Anti-personnel Anti-Personnel, Tracer Azimuth Position and Elevation System Advanced Photovoltaics and Electronic e Xperiment Analysis of Public Expenditure Statistics System Air-Portable Fuel Container Autopilot Flight Director Armour-Piercing, Fragmentation Incendiary, Discarding Sabot Air Publications Forms and Stationery Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot Armour-Piercing, Fin-Stabilised, Discarding Sabot Armour-Piercing, Fin-Stabilised, Discarding Sabot, (Practice) Armour-Piercing, Fin-Stabilised, Discarding Sabot-Tracer Aberdeen Proving Ground (US) Army Publications Group Aspect Project Group Autonomous Precision Guided Munition Aircraft Proximity Hazard Armour-Piercing, High Capacity Armour-Piercing, Hard Core Armour-Piercing, Hard Core, Incendiary Admiralty Pilotage & Harbour Control Service Army Primary Healthcare Service Armour Piercing High Explosive Armour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary Armour-Piercing, High Explosive, Incendiary Armour-Piercing, High Explosive, Self-Destroying Advanced Panoramic Helmet Integrated Display System Advanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Demonstrator System Aim Point Initiative Air Photo Interpreter Air Position Indicator American Petroleum Institute Application Programme Interface Application Programming Interface Applications Program Interface. The list of frequencies available for the operation All Light Level Television Air Launched Munitions Air Load Master (Royal Air Force) Air Loadmaster Air Launched Marine Sound Signal Air Launched Miniature Vehicle Air Liaison Officer Air Line of Communications Airborne Light Optical Fibre Technology Air Liaison Officer Offensive Support Advisory Levels of Release Airborne Light Observation System Air Liaison Officer Support Helicopters Airborne Lightweight Optical Tracking System Ammunition Logistic Process Anti-Laser Protected Optical Sight Accidental Launch Protection System Air Load Planning System Automatic Link Quality Analysis Advanced long-range Air-to-Air Missile Airborne Laser Range-finder And Designator Airborne Long-range Radar Input Admiralty List of Radio Signals Acquisition Logistics Standard Advanced Launched System (SDI project) Advanced Life Support All-weather Landing System Army Legal Services Augmented Logistics Support Auxiliary Lighter Aircraft Logistics Supply And Demand ALLOTMENT ALLTV ALM ALM ALM ALMSS ALMV ALO ALOC ALOFT ALOOS ALOR ALOS ALOSH ALOTS ALP ALPOS ALPS ALPS ALQA ALRAAM ALRAD ALRI ALRS ALS ALS ALS ALS ALS ALS ALS ALSAD 22 Acronym ALSG ALSL ALSP ALSS ALSS ALT ALT ALT ALT ALT ALT ALTA ALTAIR ALTE ALU ALW ALW ALWT ALYCAT AM AM AM AM AM AMA AMA AMACS AMAD AMANDA AMANS AMARV AMAS AMAS AMB Amb AMC AMC AMC AMC AMC AMC AMC AMCA AMCA AMCAPS AMCCOM AMCM AMCO AMCS AMCS AMCSA AMD AMDI AMDR AMDS AMDS Long Title Air Logistics and Support Group Alternative Landing Ship Logistic Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol Advanced Logistics Support Site Air-Launched Saturation System missile Administration Lead Time Administrative Lead Time Airborne Laser Tracker Altimeter Armoured Launching Turret Attack Light Torpedo Advanced Lightweight Tactical Antenna ARPA Long-range Tracking And Instrumentation Radar Approved List of Test Equipment Arithmetic and Logic Unit Air / Land Warfare Amphibious and Land Warfare Advanced Lightweight Torpedo Aeromechanics LYnx Control and Agility Testbed Aircrew Manual Amplitude Modulation Ante Meridian Anti-Material Assignment Manager or Achievement Milestone Adaptive Multi-function Antenna Advanced Modern Apprenticeship Advanced Multi-Axis Cueing Seat Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive Ammunition Management Area Network Depot Aid Army Management Services Advanced Manoeuvring Re-entry vehicle Alternate Main Access Switch Automated Manoeuvring Attack System Active Magnetic Bearing Ambulance Acquisition Management Cell Advanced Micro-Electronics Converter Air Material Command Air Mobility Command Aircraft Management Computer Airframe/Armament Modification Committee Army Material Command Air Movement and Control Association Avionic Modular Component Acquisition Affordable Manufacture of Composite Aircraft Primary Structure Armament Munitions and Chemical Command Advanced Mine Countermeasures Air Maintenance Control Office Airborne Missile Control System Alert Monitoring System Computer Army Material Command Support Activity Office (US Army) Ammunition Marking Drawing Acoustic Miss Distance Indicator Automatic Missile Detecting Radar Anti-Missile Discarding Sabot Automatic Manoeuvring Device System 23 Acronym AMDS AME AME AME AME AME AMED AMEPP AMES AMES AMET AMET AMETS AMEWS AMEX AMF AMF AMF AMF(L) AMF-A AMFCTS AMF-L AMG AMG AMGOT AMH AMHA AMHMS AMHS AMI AMIDARS AMIDS AMIEE AMIK AMIPSC Long Title Automatic Message Distribution System Air Movements Executive Amplitude Modulation Equivalent Angle Measuring Equipment Annually Managed Expenditure Authorized Medical Examiner Advanced Mechanical Engineering Demonstrator Allied Maritime Environmental Protection Publication Advanced Multiple Environment Simulator Assistant Manager Engineering Services Advanced Military Engine Technology Advanced Military Engineering Technology Artillery Meteorological System Automated Mobile EW System American Express (card) ACE Mobile Force Allied Mobile Force Attributable Mission Failures Allied Command Europe mobile Force (Land) ACE Mobile Force - Air Artillery and Mortar Fire Control Training Simulator ACE Mobile Force - Land Aircraft Maintenance Group Antenna Mast Groups Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories Allied Message Handling Automatic Message Handling Assistance Advanced Magnetic Helmet-Mounted Sight Automated Message Handling System Alternate Mark Inversion Airborne Minefield Detection And Reconnaissance System Airborne Minefield Detection System Associate Member of Institution of Electrical Engineering Automatic Target Recognition System Aircraft Maintenance Information Programme Steering Committee AMIR AMIS AMIS AMIS AMIT AML AMLCD AMM ammo AMN AMO AMOP AMOPS AMOS AMP AMP AMP AMPA amph AMPO Anti-Missile Infra-Red Air Movements Information Systems Anti-Materiel Incendiary Sub-munitions Automated Management Information System Aerospace Maintenance Information Technology Air Member for Logistics Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Anti-Missile Missile ammunition Admiralty Manual of Navigation Air Movements Operations Amplitude Modulation On Pulse Army Machine Readable-Format Output Production System ARPA Maul Optical Station Air Member for Personnel Assisted Maintenance Period Aviation Modernisation Plan (US Army) Advanced Mission Planning Aid Amphibious Assistant Management Planning Officer 24 Acronym AMPS AMPSS AMR AMRAAM AMRAAM AMRAD AMRAD AMRAD AMRAD AMRE AMREP AMRS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMS AMSAR AMSAR AMSAT AMSCREP AMSG AMSG AMS-H AMSL AMSO AMSO AMSS AMSS AMT AMT AMTAT AMTD AMTE AMTI AMTI AMTN AMU AMU AMV AMV AM-VSB AMW AN Long Title Automated Message Processing System Advanced Manned Precision Strike System Assistant Master Rigger. 1) Casualty Collection ..document) are included because they may still appear in extant .... Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Maintenance) Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Maintenance) Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Proc) Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Procurement) Automatic Flight Management System Anglo-French-Netherlands Collaboration Programme Amphibious Forces Notes and Orders Allied Forces, North Norway Association Francais de Normalisation.

Modern bearing life analysis uses 'adjustment factors' to take these factors into consideration. After millions of cycles, microscopic cracks form beneath the bearing surface.

The cracks eventually propagate to the surface causing small particles of steel to break away from the surface.