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I would only date other "reborn" Christians, for the simple fact, that my focus in life is serving God and this would inevitably lead to tensions in a relationship with someone who has another goal in life.I can't/won't deal with Mormons (sorry - I just can't.The screwed up traditionless invented religions (creativity, satanism, flying spaghetti monster) are ridiculous, and I will not cease to heap scorn and contempt on those beliefs if I'm dating a girl who subscribes to them.I could handle dating a Muslim Bosniak girl ;) But that's about as wild and crazy as I'd get.I mean when atheists dating with new girls evryday is okay, but when christians,jews and muslims do thats looks like most of them never readed Bible or Quran. Most of them are just afraid of admitting that they don't give a shit about the Bible or sin or anything and since in most countries people tend to distrust atheist people they just keep with the false Christian image.

I wouldn't date anyone whose beliefs include that we are not responsable for our acts like saying: "It was God's wish that he died, etc." Exactly, Bible also says MANY TIMES if some one believes in God and praying evryday it doesnt mean that he will go to paradise.As long as we learn to respect each others' faith or belief (though I'm not even religious), I wouldn't mind her loyalty to her religious duties like going to church, synanogue regularly and I would even bring her to her church/synanogue/etc myself whenever she desires to go. But 90% christians and male muslims from Russia doesnt care about that at all.I don't think I could ever have dated anyone who was extremely religious. But otherwise, as long as the bloke was of Euro descent and not bonkers-religious, all's well. Most Christians that i know in real life doesn't care what Bible say.Ideally I suppose I'd prefer to date a Catholic girl.

I don't want to date a Catholic, for political reasons, but I am not attractive, wealthy or popular so I'm not in a good position to turn any girl down over such a small issue. So long as you have no obvious physical defects and your mouth doesn't smell like a food waste bin girls will be happy to date you.

Unless you're in the American South, but even there it's declining fast.devoutful followers of any organized religion is incredibly slim. I asked one muslim guy - "sex until marriage is one biggest sins in your religion, why you having sex with new girls evryday?

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