Saudi dating

Shouting, name calling and slamming the phone on them will only make the guy more enthusiastic. I’ve found that having my husband answer the phone and have few words with them is the only way to stop the phone harassement.Fair game Naturally not all Saudi girls are looking for a date or to have some fun flirting with guys.If a girl sees a guy she is interested in, she will walk past and subtly drop a napkin with her name and number on it. They can continue strolling the mall and Bluetoothing or chatting on their Blackberries while flirting with each other from afar.Desperate loosers Some guys are so desperate they even resort to calling random mobile numbers hoping for a girl to pick up. The calls will keep coming constantly, usually in the middle of the night.He started frantically repeating his number to me while still hanging onto my cart.By the time he realized that I was in fact calling my husband and not eager to hear his phone number he ran like the wind out of the store!

Some women are known to take advantage of the guys desperation and will walk in with the guy for a charge.The napkin technique Group of two or more guys stroll around the mall searching for girls they like (all of them).They make sure to have their expensive watches and phones on display.Sometimes the guys can be seen hanging out of car windows waving papers with their numbers on the.