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I awakened and embarked upon a spiritual journey, where I healed myself and learned all things related to emotional pain.Today I humbly guide others.""Since the age of five, I had some pretty amazing spiritual abilities that morphed over time allowing me to have wisdom beyond my years and to hone in on sadness that others were dealing with.Together, we will work to quiet down the noise around you in order to explore your unique qualities and allow them to shine.""Maybe you are feeling tired, frustrated, self-conscious, or not fully present in your life.

Please call or e-mail me with questions or to make an appointment.""I see counseling & therapy as a way that we, as individuals, couples or families can learn to live more peaceful, effective & fulfilling lives.CCA is able to provide a full range of clinical services.Please visit our website at a complete description of our faith based counseling services, locations, and counseling staff.""Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) provides individual, marriage, and family counseling.I have more than 30 years of experience helping adults, families, couples and teens with many types of challenges, i.e.anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief, anger & stress management and various types of traumas.

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    Group Supports. We facilitate regular group meetings on Relationships & Dating, issues for LGBT individuals with disabilities, and Relapse Prevention for problematic sexual behaviors. Learn More.…