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This was also the case with the Anaya Almazán family.Francisco de Anaya Almazán, a native of Mexico City born to Spanish parents, settled in New Mexico where he married the daughter of early settlers of New Mexico, Francisco López and María de Villafuerte.

Some addresses or other data might no longer be current.Diego de Montoya, the son of Bartolomé de Montoya and María de Zamora, attained the privilege of encomendero of the Pueblo of San Pedro in New Mexico.Encomenderos received tribute from the Pueblo Indians in return for armed military protection.Families such as the Montoya, Griego, and Anaya Almazán had roots among the Aztecs of the Valley of Mexico.

The Luján, López de Gracia, Márquez, Martín Serrano, and Naranjo families were uniquely Nuevomejicano in their blending of Spanish and Pueblo Indian households and extended families.

María de Villafuerte, born in the latter half of the 1500s, was a highly acculturated Mexican Indian woman from the Pueblo de Cuatitlán, then located just north of Mexico City.