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8; the grapes spent those harrowing days swishing around fermentation tanks.

” Since the autumnal fires, Sonoma and Napa Counties have been in deep recovery mode while the grapevines have been sound asleep.“We can’t go a day without talking about the wildfires, but people don’t need to be solemn or hold back,” he said.“If they want to show their support, do it by drinking some great Sonoma wine.” And so for all the right reasons, Matt drained his glass of La Pommeraie chardonnay.But come spring, the region will shift from restoration to renewal.

The plants will bud, the winemakers will pour and the visitors will raise their glasses to California Wine Country, which needs a drink now more than ever. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire, for short) reported 21 major wildfires in the area, including the Tubbs and Nuns fires, which consumed nearly 95,000 acres and 7,000 structures in Sonoma and Napa.

The cover featured a first responder standing on a mountain engulfed in flames. What Happened and What’s Next.” “How we escaped the devastation is beyond me,” said Chris, the hotel’s front office manager and chief concierge. Sandman was watching over us.” The Santa Rosa property was one of the lucky stars in the Wine Country constellation.